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B-Roll poster Kurt Braunohler, Josh Brener, Meghan Falcone, Adam Herschman, Karan Soni B-Roll movie poster comedy
Josh Brener, Kurt Braunohler, Adam Herschman, Karan Soni B-Roll Movie Comedy
Kurt Braunohler B-Roll Movie

  Owen Parker (Kurt Braunohler) is a small-town TV reporter who favors sensational "gotcha journalism" over substantive reporting. While trying to impress a major network exec, he accidentally smokes PCP on live TV and burns down a sacred landmark and punches a homeless guy in the face. After being promptly fired, and shunned by his friends, he goes on a giant bender where he stumbles into, wanabee journalist and fanboy, Andy (Josh Brener).  Desperate, Owen enlists the help of Andy, his former college roommate and film student Nate (Adam Herschman), and skittish sound guy Doug (Karan Soni) to help him make a documentary to revive his career. Unfortunately they quickly learn making documentaries is harder than watching documentaries so Owen reverts to his old tactic, and convices the crew to target the town's Mayor for a takedown exposé.  Hilarity ensues.

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